Specialty Inspections

Four-Point Insurance Inspections

Frequently, insurance companies are hesitant to grant Homeowner’s Insurance for older homes. Islander Home Inspection performs Four-Point Inspections, which are often required by these companies before they will issue a policy or renew an existing policy on a home they fear could be more of a liability due to its age. Insurance companies can require this inspection, which is limited to a property’s roof and electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Floridians are all too familiar with the destruction that can be caused by the powerful winds the area is famous for. Homeowners can take it upon themselves to lessen damage by properly preparing their property to better withstand the strong winds caused by destructive natural events like hurricanes and tropical storms. As an added bonus, they can even save money on insurance! This is because many companies offer incentives to those who take the steps necessary for protecting one of their most valuable investments — their home. Islander Home Inspection’s Wind Mitigation Inspection can aid you in assessing the durability of your property and help you obtain the discounts insurance companies often provide.

One-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspections

Should you get a home inspection even after you’ve purchased a new home? Absolutely. Take advantage of Islander Home Inspection’s One-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection before your one-year warranty runs out. This is your final opportunity to have any visible defects professionally documented and reported before your Builder is no longer bound by the guarantees noted in the warranty.

Pre-Purchase Walkthrough Inspections

Are you about to close on a home that is nearly finished? Then Islander Home Inspection’s Pre-Purchase Walkthrough is for you! This is a shorter version of the General Home Inspection that includes special attention to cosmetic defects, which your builder can still take care of before you finalize the paperwork.

Pool and Spa Inspections

Many Floridians are unaware that their pool maintenance provider’s responsibilities are often limited to keeping a pool clean and adjusting its chemical levels. A professional Pool and Spa Inspection performed by a licensed Home Inspector involves seeking out faults that could affect the safety of your pool. Islander Home Inspection will inspect your pool’s systems to determine whether they are functioning properly and will check for other dangerous conditions, such as improperly stored chemicals and the security of safety barriers.

Mobile Home Inspections

Manufactured or mobile homes can have issues particular to this type of construction. Having spent many years repairing mobile and modular homes, Islander Home Inspection’s Greg George is uniquely qualified for this specialized type of inspection.

Condo Inspections

A Condo Inspection differs from a General Home Inspection in that only the condo’s interior systems and structures are inspected. Common areas of the property are not included. Islander Home Inspection specializes in Condo Inspections, particularly for beachfront properties.

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